cranio maxillo facial and aesthetic surgeon
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Your journey

Your journey
  • Before your surgery
  • Your surgery
  • Anaestesia
  • After your surgery
  • Your consultation

    The consultation is at the heart of a highly individual elective surgical set up. In this face to face meeting you explain your wishes and the doctor will explain thoroughly the surgical possibilities there are to obtain the desired result.

    Dr. Noorman van der Dussen can be consulted in 4 languages: English, Dutch, French and German.

    Consultations with the doctor are twice a month on Wednesdays via Skype or at the 2Pass/o2 clinic in Antwerp, Belgium. A consultation is ±30 minutes and costs €75.

    A personal quotation will be given after this face-to-face consultation.

    Before and after photographs are only to be seen in this personal meeting due to privacy reasons.

    Of course this consultation is non-committal and you will have ample time to consider your surgery. When you fully understand the procedures, you can make the right choices. When in doubt or things are not clear, you can always book another consultation for free.

    Your booking

    When you decide to go forward with the surgery, you contact the secretary by email or phone. She will offer you dates to choose from and you’ll be booked in after you decided on a date. She will then provide you with all necessary details to plan your surgery and trip (x-ray’s, blood test, ECG, days postop at the Guesthouse, the payment, the informed consent, the postoperative instructions etc.)

    Our proposals are including clinic fees, materials, anaesthesia, nursing and recovery. You will never face hidden costs at our facility. We offer the best pricing for the highest quality of care and outcomes that can be achieved. This is peace of mind especially in this economy.

    To guarantee the reservation of the surgery-date, a downpayment of at least 1/3 of the total amount is to be credited to our account within 2 weeks after the booking. The remaining 2/3 is to be paid 2 weeks before the surgery. You can read the preoperative guidelines and the content of the consent form thoroughly at your convenience, so you are well informed upfront.

    Your planning

    If you’re from abroad and the surgery is planned in the morning you’ll have to come the day before to Antwerp. If you have to take the ring of Antwerp by car, note there are traffic jams between 7.30 - 9.00.

    When booking the train, don't book the last train leaving from London, as there might be no trains to the clinic anymore after 23.00. And try to book all tickets 6 weeks in advance to have good rates. And please check your passport whether is still up-to-date/valid 6 weeks beforehand.

    If you carry cash, carry it on your body, don't keep it in a bag, as in all big stations there are pickpockets, or some people forget their handbags on the train/plain.

    Pack your suitcase 2 days beforehand, because the night before your surgery you may be a bit nervous, so you may forget some things. What to bring from abroad?

    • Valid ID-card, passport for your journey, copy of the tickets, route description
    • phone charger + adapter (2 plug holes in Europe instead of 3)
    • casual, loose fitting clothes; in winter time: extra jumpers when cold temperatures
    • thermometer (in order to monitor temperature postop, during the first week)
    • painkillers, esp paracetamol and nurofen, and antibiotics (if you have any). Tramadol, co-codamol and
    • antibiotics will be prescribed in Belgium.