cranio maxillo facial and aesthetic surgeon

Your surgery

Your journey
  • Before your surgery
  • Your surgery
  • Anaestesia
  • After your surgery
  • Your pre-operative consultation

    You register at the reception of the hospital, after which you will be assign to a double room for 2 patients (your partner can not stay overnight). An extra night costs €500 and if you'd like a private room this can be reserved in advance if available and costs €150 extra. Your valuables can be stored in a safe in your room when you are in surgery.

    Prior to your surgical procedure you will meet the doctor again to solidify your preoperative discussions.

    The doctor does every aspect of your surgery personally. When it is a combined surgical procedure where another doctor is involved, you will be explained who does which part.

    Your safety

    We operate in a nationally accredited state of the art surgical facility with a 100% safety record. Problems such as MRSA infection are uncommon in Belgium, thanks to a strict infection control policy.

    Sterilisation procedures in hospitals are very strict, and are consistently regulated by the national authorities. The Rivierenland Hospital complies to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Certificates for cosmetic and maxillofacial surgery.

    Your guarantee

    You will receive aesthetic surgery of the highest technical difficulty and precision. The team is very qualified.

    Should any revisions be required, these are done at no cost to you as it involves surgical fees. Different people heal differently and not all people follow directions to optimize the surgical results, but nobody ever leaves his operating room unless the doctor is fully satisfied with the technical and aesthetic results of your surgery.