cranio maxillo facial and aesthetic surgeon
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  • Very happy I found this doctor, and I highly recommend him!

    4 July 2019 - I chose Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen to perform my chin surgery (reduce vertical height and feminize to create a more V shape) as after much research he seemed to have the most experience and qualifications for this procedure.

    With this type of surgery it is very important to chose a surgeon who specialises in this area. Dr NVDD is a cranio maxillo facial and aesthetic surgeon which means he has great understanding of how to manage both the bone and soft tissue for the best outcome. I would advise against going with a surgeon who offers hundreds of different procedures as they may not have the knowledge required to avoid possible problems such as loss of sensation in the face/skin sagging.


    Dr NVDD holds monthly consultations in London, which I attended. Dr NVDD is very friendly, and I could soon tell that he totally understood what I needed/wanted changing with the appearance of my chin. It was such a relief to finally have someone understand what my issues were and he gave me total confidence that he knew how to achieve my desired look.

    Customer experience

    From the moment of the first email inquiring about this procedure until present day, my experience was fantastic. Dr NVDD's assistant Marije was very friendly, helpful and answered any questions that I had. She really helped to make the whole experience as stress free as possible.


    Marije (the assistant of Dr NVDD) provided me a comprehensive list of travel instructions/tips, so getting to the clinic in Belgium was no problem. For those travelling for this procedure, I highly recommend staying at the Notarishuis Beveren B&B as it is a 1 minute walk away from the clinic and owned by the wife of one of the other surgeons at the clinic. They were very helpful and it was nice to know they were used to hosting guests who were travelling for surgery.


    As I had general anaesthetic, my surgery took place in a local hospital. It was very clean and modern and the staff were warm, kind and competent.


    The day of my surgery was as stress free as possible! Dr NVDD came to see me before surgery, he was so kind and reassuring, I almost felt like a family member of his. I had virtually no pain after the procedure.

    After I came round from the anaesthetic I remember touching my lips and lower face to check I still had sensation, and I was so happy when I did. I know this can be a concern with this surgery due to the 'mental nerve' becoming severed, but Dr NVDD took careful planning with x-rays beforehand and assured me he doesn't take risks when cutting near this nerve. Within 1-2 weeks I had regained full sensation in my lower face and lips.

    I am now nearly 4 months post op and so far I am very happy with my results. It has made a significant difference to my appearance and I am feeling so happy that the results were just how I had hoped they would be! I am really glad I went through with this surgery, even though it is a pretty daunting thought to have bone removed from your chin.

    For those considering this procedure I would highly encourage you to only go with a cranio maxillo facial and aesthetic surgeon like Dr NVDD, it simply isn't worth the risk of damaging the look/function of your face by going with a surgeon who doesn't specialise in this area. Very happy I found this doctor, and I highly recommend him!

    Source: www.realself.com