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  • Ik ben zeer professioneel geholpen

    anoniem, 21 november 2022

    Ik wil de heer van der Dussen heel erg graag bedanken.

    Vanwege een eerdere mislukte operatie ben ik bij de heer van der Dussen gekomen, in de hoop dat hij mij zou kunnen helpen.

    Ik werd op een erg warme manier ontvangen en zeer professioneel geholpen. Dit heb ik als zeer fijn ervaren omdat er bij mij een grote schaamte heerste vanwege het feit dat ik een operatie had ondergaan en deze ook nog eens mislukt was.

    De operatie is zeer geslaagd en de problemen die door de eerdere operatie ontstaan zijn, zijn tot mijn grote vreugde verholpen. Ik wil hem hiervoor zeer bedanken. Dankzij hem speelt de eerdere mislukt operatie geen rol meer in mijn leven.

    Sliding Genioplasty, neck liposuction, and Botox in my masseter muscles

    icky26, october 27, 2022

    Before I start I want to say that I have been under the care of Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen for some procedures in the past (Cheek Implants, Buccal fat pad removal and septo-rhinoplasty) so I already had faith in him. He has been operating for many many years and it really is a privilege to still be worked on by him. I initially wanted a more defined jawline as I felt like my face was bottom heavy. He suggested that the best way forward was a sliding genioplasty along with some neck liposuction and finally some botox in my masseter muscles.

    I arrived in Belgium a few days before my operation and stayed at the B@B Notarishuis which is run by a family member of Dr Van Der Dussenís colleague and has a great and comfortable atmosphere. Many of the visitors staying here are patients at the clinic and everything is taken care of amazingly. After arriving I visited Dr NVDD at the Singleberg clinic a few minutes walk from the B&B and we discussed the procedure one last time.

    On the day of the surgery I wasnít too worried as Iíd already had procedures done in the past. I went under and came out of surgery a little bit numb but not in a lot of pain, probably thanks to the morphine.

    My recovery was pretty unremarkable. Over the next few days I swelled up like a balloon, had trouble eating solid foods and had numbness in my teeth. I had to wear a chin strap for around a week, which was pretty annoying but not the end of the world. Youíll need soft foods and protein drinks for the first week or so.

    Over the next 3 weeks 70 percent of my swelling went down, however I still have some slight tightness in the bottom of my jaw when I smile, and my lower teeth are still slightly numb. I have no doubt that this will recover more as time goes on.

    All in all I am more than happy with the result, I would say it has surpassed my expectations and would definitely recommend visiting the clinic. If anyone wants some more info please feel free to hit me up.

    Source: realself.com