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  • Super resultaat

    Inez, 30 september 2019

    Van een enorme heksenneus heeft dokter Noorman van der Dussen een klein recht neusje gemaakt. Na 1 jaar is er een kleine correctie van de neustip moeten gebeuren omdat daar een klein knobbeltje was verschenen. Maar nu is dat ook verdwenen en ik ben superblij met het resultaat.

    Ik heb amper pijn gehad van beide operaties, enkel de neustampons waren ongemakkelijk, maar dat is enkel voor 3 dagen. Ik had nooit gedacht dat dit resultaat mogelijk was want anders had ik het al veel vroeger gedaan.

    Bron: kliniekervaringen.nl

    Most years of experience

    Sharleen, 13 september 2019

    I underwent so-called „Feminization Forehead Recontouring Type 3“ with Dr Noorman v d Dussen in 2018.

    Only three surgeons/clinics within Europe perform this surgery. I chose Dr. Noorman v d Dussen as he has the most years of experience with facial feminization techniques in Europe, was at the same time not the most expensive one regarding this procedure, and as he performs it without the use of bone cement (a plastic material).

    The frontal bone of the sinus cavity is removed. carved and reattached in an endorotated way. Additionally. the bone above the eyebrows is shaved. The forehead got flatter so that the region of eyes and forehead appear more female.

    The surgery went well without any unexpected problems. Swelling was as expected, the eyes became small during the first week. Swelling and bruising started to decrease from the fifth day after surgery. I was able to drive back to Germany three days after the surgery.

    Source: realself.com

    I am eternally grateful

    Jessy, 11 juni 2019
    I decided to have facial feminisation with Noorman Van der dussen in Belgium. I have had my chin and jaw line done in late 2017, and then in March 2019 I had my forehead feminised. I am so happy with the results of my surgery and can't thank the doctor enough for everything he has done for me.

    I would highly recommend Noorman, I am so thrilled with everything he has done for me. The results are natural but make a massive difference to how I look and feel, my confidence has improved so much. Also one of the decisions in choosing Mr Van der dussen was, I felt I could trust him and he really listened to me and what I wanted.

    Thank you Noorman and Marije for all you have done for me. I am eternally grateful,

    Jessy x

    Source: realself.com