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  • I'm So Happy, the Results Are So Natural!

    24 November 2018 - After doing plenty of research over 2 years and reading many, many reviews (most thanks to Google translate) I decided on Dr Noorman van der Dussen to do my life changing facial feminisation surgery. It was a great decision because the results are perfectly natural and as my whole family says- I still look like me. I'm just the female version of me now. I don't even have to wear makeup to "pass."

    The stitching was done very well, and the scarring is very neat and hidden inside my mouth and in my hair. Sorry I won't be uploading any photos - the results are so perfect that I prefer not to out myself online... I can now slip seamlessly into society and just live my life as the woman I am. Top to bottom I had:

    • Forehead reconstruction with brow bossing (type III),
    • Temporal brow lift,
    • Rhinoplasty (closed),
    • Chin osteotomy

    The doctor is simply the most warm, kind hearted surgeon you will ever meet. He drove myself and my parents to one of the hospitals for my pre-op X-rays after some miscommunication and confusion which was very generous of him. It is clear he only wanted the best for me. When he greeted me in the hospital the morning of my surgery he made me feel completely at ease, so lovely to talk to and be in his presence.

    The operation took 7-8 hours as he is a perfectionist - which I love. He also came to visit me in the affiliated accommodation the day after my surgery. I had two more aftercare appointments before I left Belgium as well, and one more via Skype two months after the surgery.

    The price was very reasonable especially considering the doctor's level of expertise - he is one of the pioneers of FFS. I wouldn't trust my face with just anyone of course...and I had so many options to choose from, really I could have gone anywhere in the world.

    Overall it was well worth the long haul flying to get to Belgium (which is such a beautiful place to visit) and I would highly recommend Dr Noorman van der Dussen to anyone who is looking for a natural and beautiful result. This is a doctor who truly respects his patients wants and needs, while taking into account the whole face ensuring a balanced result. He changed my life...

    Thank you Dr Noorman van der Dussen and Marije!

    Source: www.realself.com