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  • I wasn't being sold more than I needed

    Loulou, February 2024 - I had my FFS with doctor Noorman van der Dussen at the end of 2022. I had an honest and comfortable pre-surgery consult. I wasn't being sold more than I needed.

    We just discussed what he thought was necessary and we also discussed what I wanted myself. From there on we decided together to do forehead bossing with hairline lowering, a lipofilling in the cheeks / midface and a chin/jaw reduction.

    I had a good stay at the O2 clinic post-surgery and the contact between me and the assistant of doctor Noorman van der Dussen was effective. Quick and insightful responses.

    My expectations before surgery were made realistic. For instance I was told that I might still need a hair transplant to get the preferred result with my hairline. It was nice to know what to prepare for when it comes to the result and not be sold unrealistic expectations. This is very important in my opinion.

    Two weeks after my surgery when I was home I had a tiny complication, i had some blood collecting on my forehead under the skin. I could immediately come by and get it fixed the same week. I didn't have any problems after that and everything healed perfectly.

    It took a couple of months before all swelling fully went down. I ended up with very natural results. In comparison to some other European surgeons who perform FFS, doctor Noorman van de Dussen was more affordable but the results are at least as great. I am super happy I was able to get my FFS with him.

    I would recommend him as a surgeon for FFS for sure. 1,5 year later I am still super happy with my results and I can honestly say that FFS has had a major positive impact on my life. I am more passing and enjoy more safety in public, and a more comfortable feeling when I make pictures of myself or look in the mirror. I feel more like myself. That's what it's all about when it comes to FFS in my opinion!

    Source: realself.com

    Erg vriendelijke, persoonlijke en professionele zorg

    Rebecca, Januari 2024 - Op 18 januari 2023 heb ik een ffs operatie gehad in de 2pass kliniek bij Dr. Noorman van der Dussen.

    Ben enorm tevreden met de resultaten zover. En ook erg tevreden over hoe de zorg aan mij verleend is. Erg vriendelijke, persoonlijke en professionele zorg. Waardoor je met een gerust gevoel de operatie ingaat. Raad deze kliniek en chirurg zeker aan. Ben erg dankbaar!!

    Groetjes Rebecca.

    I was happy to call him my doctor

    Jenisa, April 2023 - I am very grateful and thankful to my dear Dr. Noorman for his professional attitude towards my operation. He is the kindest and most smiling doctor ever. I was happy to call him my doctor. I am very satisfied with the results after my FFS operation. I recommend Dr. Noorman to everyone who wants the possible results.

    Skillful, artistic, and profound gift

    Nicole, 27 August 2023 - It is one year since the day, and I wanted to write to send my gratitude, appreciation, and thanks for the skillful, artistic, and profound gift of removing the precursor from view in the mirror, and finally being able to see myself in reflection.

    And for taking care of me, and Greta, in body and in spirit. I don't know if anything is real, but that felt real to me at the time, and still it seems. I have attached some pictures for your galley.

    Thinking of you with thanks and best wishes, and sending best regards, Nicole Nussbaum.