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  • SMAS Lift - The SMAS (superficial musculoponeurotic system) is a thin layer of soft tissue on the face that contributes to facial expression. Over time, the SMAS can become lax and sag, contributing to jowls and deepening of the nasolbial folds. The more common SMAS face lift repositions skin and the underlying muscle of the cheek to correct jowls and skin laxity.

    The SMAS lift will allow for a less “pulled” look and longer lasting results than a skin-only facelift. An extended SMAS lift goes even further towards the nose to help correct lines around the nose and the mouth. This is the same surgery as the SMAS facelift but with an extended SMAS lift, the SMAS is separated from the underlying structures more extensively towards the nose and upper lip. This can increase the amount of improvement that is possible in the center of the face, especially the nasolabial area.

    Source: drbrucekadz.com